Tips to keep your car Running Great


If anyone among ha their own car, then first thing which you should consider is to make sure that your car is well maintained. This will not just increase the worth of your car, but also will provide you comfort with the enjoyment of travelling. There are many things require for Car Maintenance, and to keep them maintained is really necessary. Furthermore, only a well-maintained car provide you with good mileage which can save your money on the extra fuel as well. Some of that stuff are as follows, and if you follow these simple steps then no doubt that your car will serve you well for a longer time period.

Engine Oil

First of all the important thing in your car is the engine and no doubt that cars with the good engine are always worth more than those with the bad ones. Inside the engine, the most important component which can keep it neat and clean, and provide it with a better running is engine oil. For the sake of the healthy engine, you must get an oil change after every 7,500 miles, this is just for the normal driving. But if you are using the car more often then try to do it after every 5,000 miles. The first most advantage of an oil change is that engine always remains lubricated with the fresh oil, and engine parts do not wear out. Furthermore, after a lot of usage of same engine oil, it causes some chemical reactions inside your car engine which is of course not a good symptom.

Car Tires

Next component which requires maintenance off and on is car tires. Always have some time to check the air inside the tires, if the air is less then it will affect the speed of the car, and as a result, you will pay more for the fuel. Secondly, if the air is more than enough then there is a danger of tires to get burst. This is a real dangerous situation on the highways because by this your car can collide and result in some serious accident. Next is to get the tires changed after every 5,000 miles especially for the hot weather areas.

Coolant and Air Filter

Next step is to check the coolant of your car. This is a liquid which keeps your car from overheating especially when you are using the air conditioner in the summer season. This is just similar to check the engine oil, as it is another important thing to keep your engine healthy for a longer time period. After this comes the air filter in your car. Its purpose is to keep the air clean inside your car, and the problem occurs when something is stuck inside it. So get it checked on every visit to the workshops.

Car Brakes

Now the last but not the least is the brakes of your car. In many cars, it is observed that while driving suddenly brakes just failed, and the reason behind this is that brake fluid leaks by continuous usage. So in order to save yourself from a serious danger get it checked every year.