How Are Modern Cars Evolving?

We all are aware of the fact the François Isaac de Rivaz was the person who invented the first automobile. This car works on the mechanism of internal combustion and was fueled by the hydrogen. This story, that became the start of the history of modern cars, goes back to 1808. Then after this in 1870 Siegfried Marcus developed and created an automobile that combusted on the gasoline, these gasoline-fueled cars were then used for 10 to 15 years and then later on new cars were made based on this idea. Siegfried Marcus first made the two cycle combustion engine and then, later on, made s four-cycle combustion engine that was better than the two cycle. This four stroke engine was then used in modern cars. In 1959 electric powered cars were invented. Moving on to the year of 1885, Karl Benz created the petroleum powered automobiles. This creation was powered by double stroke engine. This was the brief story of automobile evolution.

Eras of automobile evolution

The history of automobile evolution has been divided into different eras. Following are the names and description of those eras

Veteran era

Throughout this era of automobile evolution, they were not considered as a useful device but as an innovation. This era was a little tough as the fuel wasn’t that much available and other facilities were less too

  • The first production of the automobiles was in 1888 under the form of Benz and was produced by Karl Benz in France.
  • In central Europe first motor car was made by Czech company.
  • First company that exclusively made cars was Panhard et Levassor

Edwardian or Brass era

This period was from 1905 to 1914 and the beginning of the World War I. This era of automobile evolution is known as the Brass era in the United States because of the excessive use of the brass in the automobiles developed and made in this era while otherwise and in other countries this era is known as the Edwardian Era.

  • By 1906 development of steam car was advanced and it was the fastest mode of travelling in this era.
  • From 1907 to 1912 high-wheel motor buggy was at its peak

Vintage Era

The Vintage Era of the automobile evolution lasted from the end of the World War I to the 1929 trough the Wall Street Crash. This era was the era when the from engines car with closed bodies were most dominant. 90% of the cars in 1919 were open bodied and 90% cars in 1929 were open bodied. In this era 1919 was the year when hydraulic brakes were invented.

Pre-war era

This era of automobile evolution was the era of Great Depression in 1930 that ended with World War II. In this era, fully closed bodies were mostly in use. By the time of 1930’s the mechanical technology that is being used in today’s modern cars was invented.

Post-war era

Ponton-style cars were popular in this era of automobile evolution. Throughout 1950’s the engine power increased too. This era was the era of great competition between different car makers.

Modern Era

This modern era is the years earlier than 25 years and you are very much aware how cars have evolved through years after years to this point of great car inventions.

So this was the automobile evolution history.